Why Parents Choose Charter Schools

One of the most important decisions to make as a parent is to decide where your children will receive their education. At Brooklyn Charter School, we represent the New York City Department of Education’s first foray into the realm of offering charter schools. But some parents have difficulty with this choice. To learn more about the difference between charter schools, public schools, and private schools, you can read our article on the subject.

Parents Choose Charter Schools for Unique Learning Opportunities 

Public education systems have strict regulations and oversight regarding how they must administer lessons, and sometimes these guidelines do not allow for ample wiggle room that some children need. Not all of us learn the same way! At schools like Brooklyn Charter School, your children can have access to a variety of learning strategies that will help them internalize lessons.

Parents Choose Charter Schools for Their Cost

Unlike private schools, charter schools are free. They receive funding from the state that helps pay for education costs. For this reason, they can be excellent alternatives to private schools without the hefty price tag that excludes some families. Though some charter schools do not offer the service, Brooklyn Charter School is able to provide a bus route to surrounding neighborhoods in order to increase accessibility for all of our children.

Parents Choose Charter Schools for Their Performances

Charter schools are held to high academic standards, since they receive government funding to operate. This gives charter schools a competitive drive to perform well on evaluations, while some private schools are not accredited. For example, Brooklyn Charter School has consistently ranked highly and outperformed local schools. Our graduates go on to prestigious schools, where most or all of them receive recognition through either the Honor Roll or Dean’s List awards.

Charter schools like ours exist to offer research-based educational methods, smaller classroom sizes, and a focus on honing the skills of the entire student. This means that we offer an emphasis on the arts as well as STEM learning, and we personalize educational plans for each student.

If you would like more information on how to seek enrollment in Brooklyn Charter School, contact us today.

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