How to Get Back Into the School Routine

Summer is ending and school days are starting up again. One of the most difficult things to do is to get back into the swing of things after having several months off. We’ve put together a few tips for easing your children into an efficient, focused school routine that can get them back into the proper mindset.

Prepare Your Morning at Night

Getting up earlier in the morning is sure to throw a wrench into the works for the first few weeks. However, having your child collect all of their school materials, pack their lunch and book bag, and set out their clothes each night may make mornings less hectic. Anything that smooths those crucial early morning moments goes a long way toward setting a good pace for the day.

Use a Calendar or Notepad

For some students, making their schedule tangible can help them visualize their daily routine. Have them write down their schedule and pin it somewhere regularly visible, like the refrigerator. Much of the process of getting back into a routine is mental, and having a visual reminder of the routine can help.

Emphasize Sleep

One of the most important elements of preparing your child for the new school year is to make sure that they are getting enough sleep. Children usually require between nine and 11 hours of sleep from the ages of six to 13. For some children, having a fan or noise machine can help the winding down process. Others may prefer to have a bath before bed. Use whatever gets your child to sleep on time.

Work on Project Planning Together

If your child comes home with a syllabus full of upcoming class projects, sit down with them and help them work through the planning of their schedule. Children may be overwhelmed thinking about all of the work they will be asked to do during the school year. Writing down a plan can help them realize that they have a lot of time to do their work and there is no reason to panic. Calmer kids usually are more attentive, more engaged kids in school.

Another way to get kids more in tune with the school routine is to enroll them in our After School Programs. No matter how you and your children get into the groove, we’re glad to have you back!

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