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At The Brooklyn Charter School, we work in partnership with our students’ families. We have an open door policy – families are welcome to visit at any time – and always keep an open mind. Parents are heard, teachers are heard, our community (and yes, even our critics) are heard. Here’s what some of them have to say.

“My grandchildren feel very safe here. The parents and teachers have open communication lines”

“I’m very happy to have my only child attending Brooklyn Charter School. The experience has been great. I love the way the teachers and staff communicate with the parents; love the way the teachers keep me informed of my child’s progress and help me by telling gem what I should do at home to help her with her education.”

“This is a great school for learning and teaching the young adults of today’s future as fat as building for the real world we live in today. I love the attitude and personality of the teachers as well.”

“I am very happy with the Brooklyn Charter School. My son is learning so much, and quickly.”

I love the way the teachers interact with the children and the warm greeting they give the parents.”

“BCS is a very orderly and disciplined school, they’re very dedicated to their students.”

“God bless BCS for all the work they do with our children.”

“BCS had been on of the best experiences my son has had; the teachers are caring and kind, and they have a great curriculum.”

“I have had multiple children at Brooklyn Charter School and they have benefitted greatly. My son enjoys his class and teachers.”

“My son actually wants to get up in the morning for school, and before that it was a task. He enjoys his new classmates and teachers. He is excited about the work and the whole experience.”

“Since the very first day at BCS, my child has been more responsible and appreciative.”

“It is an awesome school. Teachers are beautiful and all about the children; I am so happy to be a part of the BCS family.”

“BCS rocks! The teachers work hard for the children to be on top.”

“To describe BCS I would say: ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ BCS is that village.”

“I am very proud of myself that my daughter belongs to BCS. The teachers and facilities are great.”

“BCS is a loving, caring environment where learning comes first.”

“BCS is a school building greatness and promoting future scholars”

“Teachers give positive feedback to parents about progress.”

“My son is excited to go to school every morning. He love his teachers and friends — school is fun!”

“BCS is very steady in its pursuit in giving its students a chance to learn.”

“Brooklyn Charter school is an excellent school. God bless the teachers and staff, they do wonderful work here with our children.”

“BCS is a great school for the kids. Parents love BCS and so do the kids.”

“Service everyday with a smile — BCS is a school with loving teachers.”

“BCS is a great alternative to a private school.”

“Children grow up and move on in their lives; you would hope that they always have an experience like BCS. BCS has been like family to my little one and I am sure others feel the same.”

“BCS is a school that cares not only about the kids’ minds but also their person as a whole.”

Applying to The Brooklyn Charter School is simple – and is open to any and every child from all New York City boroughs or any other location, free of charge.
May 2024
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