A Typical Day


Parents and their youngsters arrive at school, dressed in uniform, homework in hand and ready to learn. Our students eat breakfast before making their way to their classroom for Morning Meeting (Harambee).

Morning Meeting (Harambee)

Youngsters gather with their teachers to start off the day in the right way! This is a time for the students to review the flow of the day, to revisit expectations and for children to greet each other and share.  These team-building activities set the stage for an engaging and positive day: Harambee supports a positive atmosphere and community and is based on the Kenyan tradition of community self-help events, e.g. fundraising or development activities. Harambee literally means: “all pull together”.

Reading Workshop

Youngsters begin the day in Reading Workshop; the teacher provides brief instruction on one aspect of excellent reading. Our students then get an opportunity to practice the skill by reading independently (because we know you get better at reading by spending time reading). The teacher during this time also works with students in small groups.

Guided Reading

Children continue their reading journey by gathering into groups according to their reading level to engage in Guided Reading. The teacher provides each group with a great book, an overview of it and a task to help them discover the meaning of the text. Once youngsters have finished reading their books (with personalized coaching from the teacher) there is a small-group discussion.

Writing Workshop

On to writing! This instructional period begins with a teacher providing targeted instruction on one aspect of excellent writing. Youngsters then record their ideas and write in the same genre the class is studying, which might for example be “all-about” books, poetry, or nonfiction essays. During this time, the teacher works with small groups to support students as they move through the stages of the writing process. The goal is to enable children to improve the quality and clarity of their ideas, the organization of their details, as well as the mechanics of their writing.

Literacy across the Content Areas (Social Studies & Science)

Now it’s time for students to apply all of their reading and writing skills to understanding scientific concepts, geography and historical events. In cooperation with one another and alongside teachers, students research topics, in depth, and work together on creative projects. Students discover, explore, and engage in hands-on investigations.


Fuel to keep the brain going for the afternoon! All of our students are provided with lunch every day.


It’s time to stretch the physical muscles! Our Assistant Teachers join our youngsters on the playground for exercise and group games. On any given day, you might find a class playing kickball, basketball, a game of soccer, jump rope or double-dutch.

Interactive Read Aloud

The students now gather to hear a world-class book read aloud by their teacher. As she reads, the teacher shares her thoughts about the book and asks great questions – all in an effort to support deeper comprehension and understanding.

Math Workshop

During this time, youngsters are encouraged to explore the world through mathematical concepts, solve math problems and to develop their facility with recall and math skills. Math is inquiry-based and supports mastery of concepts.

Technology, Music or Dance

Students explore the basics of keyboarding functions, create and design documents and artwork, and refine their engineering skills through robotics. We have a fully-integrated music curriculum during which students learn to read music and rhythms, play instruments and develop music appreciation. Dance class is focused on movement, and on call and response to music. Furthermore, students respond to African drumming, and learn dances from the Diaspora.

Sustained Silent Reading (SSR)

Students (and faculty) conclude the day with fifteen minutes of uninterrupted independent reading … what a nice way to unwind.

Pack Up & Dismissal

Off to home or an after-school program in the community!

After School Programs

Read about all our after school programs HERE.

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May 2023
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