At the Brooklyn Charter School, we focus on educating the whole child with a proven approach that combines a model core academic curriculum with strong programs in the visual arts, music and dance. Based on the latest research in effective education, our program uses both “traditional teacher-directed” and “student-centered” or “project-based” learning to effectively address the needs of all learners in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment.

Our program is tailored to each student and designed to raise each individual’s academic achievement levels as well as cultural knowledge – and social conscience. And, we’re consistently succeeding.

We prepare students to meet educational standards with both basic and enriched academic skills, help them learn a cultural vocabulary in the Arts – and how to become good citizens. We hold Harambee daily, providing an opportunity for teachers and students to create a positive community and to deal with problem-solving and conflict resolution.

This opportunity extends beyond our school building. We focus on strengthening the relationships between home and school, family and faculty, neighborhood leaders and our administration. The result: at the Brooklyn Charter School, there is a community of learners that is informed, creative and confident, capable of succeeding in highly-rated middle and high schools – and in life. Won’t you join us?

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