Yellow School Bus Transportation Service

Brooklyn Charter School works with the New York City Department of Education and remains one of the only charter schools to provide the option of yellow school bus transportation for families in several neighborhoods (Bedford-Stuyvesant, Flatbush, Crown Heights and East New York).

All of our yellow buses are equipped with trained bus matrons to ensure a safe, orderly and efficient ride to-and-from school.  Based on bus stop availability (see below), students eligible for transportation may receive either yellow bus service OR a student MetroCard.

2017-18 Yellow Bus Routes (Stops)

Brooklyn Charter School yellow buses service the following Brooklyn neighborhoods: Bedford-Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, Flatbush, and East New York.  All of our buses are equipped with trained bus matrons to ensure a safe, orderly and efficient ride to-and-from school.

  • Crown Street & Utica Avenue
  • Winthrop Street & Utica Avenue
  • Lincoln Place & Troy Avenue
  • Park Place & Kingston Avenue
  • Lincoln Road & Flatbush Avenue
  • Sterling Place & Bedford Avenue
  • Marks Avenue & Nostrand Avenue
  • Snyder Avenue & Nostrand Avenue
  • Fulton Street & Nostrand Avenue
  • Halsey Street & Tompkins Avenue
  • Crown Street & Rogers Avenue
  • Prospect Place & Buffalo Avenue
  • Amboy Street & Pitkin Avenue
  • Osborn Street & Pitkin Avenue
  • Redding Street & Pitkin Avenue
  • Decatur Street & Thomas S Boyland
  • Herkimer Street & Pleasant Place
  • Patchen Avenue & Hancock Street
  • Patchen Avenue & Bainbridge Avenue
  • Patchen Avenue & Gates Avenue
  • Stuyvesant Avenue & Hancock Street
  • Gates Avenue & Throop Avenue
  • Quincy Street & Nostrand Avenue
  • Quincy Street & Lewis Avenue
  • Hart Street & Lewis Avenue
  • Chauncey Street & Howard Avenue
  • Putnam Avenue & Howard Avenue
  • Halsey Street & Bushwick Avenue
  • Halsey Street & Tompkins Avenue
  • Park Avenue & Clermont Avenue
  • Albany Avenue & Pacific Street
  • Saratoga Avenue & Pacific Street
  • Stone Avenue & Sutter Avenue
  • Van Siclen Avenue & Sutter Avenue
  • Livonia Avenue & New Jersey Avenue
  • East New York Avenue & Junius Street
  • Blake Avenue & Hinsdale
  • Humboldt Street & Varet Street

Can I Get a Brooklyn Charter School Bus Stop Near My House?

Great question! The answer may very well be yes.

Please contact Desiree Alexis, Manager of Student Services, by calling 718-302-2085 ext. 3271  or filling out the form below to find out if we can get a yellow school bus to you!

School Bus
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