The Brooklyn Charter School’s academic curriculum focuses on 21st century learning: Students are prepared to meet the needs of an ever changing technological and global society. We use the latest technology in our classrooms as an integral part of its curriculum approach. This approach is based on the latest research in effective education and combines “traditional teacher-directed” and “student-centered” or “project-based” approaches to effectively address the needs of all learners.

This curriculum is designed to raise each student’s academic achievement levels – and it is succeeding!


Because literacy is our primary focus, we spend much time teaching children to express, analyze and have a command of language. We also develop a lifelong love and joy for reading and literature. We use a balanced literacy approach, which is designed to help all students learn to read and write effectively. Based firmly on the premise that all students can learn to read and write, this student-centered approach:

  • Strikes a balance between reading and writing that allows each student to receive the individualized teaching appropriate to his or her strengths and needs in literacy.
  • Enables children to read and write daily, independently and in a variety of group settings.
  • Focuses on different types of reading experiences – read aloud, shared reading, guided reading, reading conferences and independent reading.
  • Encourages students to participate in shared and individual writing activities each day. The types of writing experiences include shared writing, interactive writing, guided writing, writing conferences and independent writing.


In our constructivist-based math program, children learn the order and structure that exist around us and to quantify our interactions. Students:

  • Use active techniques such as experimentation and real-world problem-solving to create knowledge.
  • Question themselves and their strategies as they develop new skills.
  • Provide themselves with effective tools to keep learning.

Our inquiry-based science approach helps students understand the elements of the universe and earth and encourages them to define a pathway to sustainability for the earth and future generations of the earth. It encourages children to view themselves as scientists in the process of learning as they:

  • Go on environmental and ecological studies where they learn about – and become truly connected to – the world around us.
  • Explore, plan and carry out investigations.
  • Communicate using a variety of methods, such as journals, reporting out, drawing, graphing, and charting.
  • Practice problem-solving skills as children propose explanations and solutions.

Social Studies

Designed to give students a better understanding of themselves and the world around us, our social studies curriculum uses a project-based approach that:

  • Enhances each child’s ability to investigate topics, use primary resources, and ask questions in light of a theme of study.
  • Gives students the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of what it means to translate an idea from one format into another.
  • Deepens student learning and connects concepts where each builds and strengthens the other.
Applying to The Brooklyn Charter School is simple – and is open to any and every child from all New York City boroughs or any other location, free of charge.
July 2024
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