School Culture

The Brooklyn Charter School prides itself on the positive school culture that it promotes.  BCS is a community where adults and children care about, look after, and root for each other. The BCS community works together for the good of the whole, in times of need and times of celebration. Every member of our community holds some responsibility for the welfare of each other and for the welfare of the community as a whole.  Children and adults at The Brooklyn Charter School strive for excellence using the following tenets known as:

The BCS Cornerstones

  • We care about each other.
  • We listen to each other.
  • We help each other.
  • We are responsible for what we say and do.

The Brooklyn Charter School Cornerstones

Every BCS student is expected to follow and live by four “Cornerstones” of success.  The “Cornerstones” are designed to help each student build self-respect and respect for others, and to develop into responsible leaders and citizens.

The Brooklyn Charter School Mission Principles (CCLLAS)

BCS students will learn the school mission through key principles.  The mission principles will be taught naturally integrated throughout their school experience.  The principles are also linked to The Comer Process Developmental Pathways. These principles are:

  • Creativity—demonstrating talents, teaching and learning from others, participating in or initiating new opportunities
  • Citizenship—Cornerstones (caring, helping, taking responsibility, listening), respect for others, family partnerships, community of learners (learning about differences), safety, nurturing environment (serving others, outside community), supporting and sharing ideas, building positive relationships, communicating effectively and positively
  • Leadership—responsibility, respect for self and others, leading by example (role-models), making good decisions (problem-solving, learning from mistakes), confidence, self-respect, creating legacies
  • Life-Long Learning—using learning habits, dedicating effort towards a goal, acting productively, thinking critically, problem solving, preparing, growing independently/individually, learning from mistakes, seeking new paths of learning,
  • Awareness of Self—growing psychologically, emotionally, cognitively, ethically, physically and socially, discovering motivations, pursuing happiness, living healthy lives & self-actualization, well-being, preparing to enter new situations or experiences
  • Success—achieving greatness, choosing a path, making beneficial choices, completing projects, & identifying with key individuals (role models past or present), being informed, performing appropriately academically and developmentally

The school has the following systems in place to promote a positive learning environment:

  • Lower School (K-2) and Upper School (3-5) Dean(s): Deans are in place to be proactive versus punitive.  Both deans are responsible for supporting teachers within their learning environments.
  • Success Assemblies: Quarterly assemblies that celebrate students’ academic achievements and growth. Students are also recognized for social and emotional growth when applicable.
  • Harambe: Community assemblies that bring the lower school together and the upper school together to review the BCS Cornerstones, make announcements, share birthdays and partake in community building activities such as singing and dancing on a bi-weekly/monthly basis.
  • Monthly Classroom Rewards System: Classes participate in a monthly competition by earning points as a group to attain a school-wide reward at the end of the month.  All classes are rewarded in some manner with a preferential choice of extra recess, a pizza party, an ice-cream party, a movie with popcorn, etc.
  • School Spirit Days: Each month, the school celebrates with a “School Spirit Day.”  Every community member in the school may participate.  Past “Spirit Days” have included:
    • Superhero/Villain Day
    • Crazy Hat Day
    • Book Character Day
    • Sports Day
    • Hawaiian Day
    • Pajama Day
    • “Rep your Culture” Day
    • Old School Day
    • Denim Day
    • Professional Day
  • School-Wide Performances: BCS children participate in performances during the course of the school year to showcase their individual talents through what they have learned in our dance and music classes.  There is a performance held in February called “Winterfest” where the entire school community is invited.
  • Field Trips: Children attend numerous field trips throughout the course of the school year that are connected with subject matter being taught in the classroom.  BCS believes in offering hands-on experiences to children in order to connect what they are learning in the classroom to the real world.  There is a “Family Picnic” held in June at Prospect Park where the entire school community comes together to fellowship, and just appreciate life.

BCS recognizes that every child is an individual.  We believe in bringing out the best in each child.

Our secret weapon to building a positive culture is building confidence as a foundation for committed effort and learning. When children operate in environments infused with positivity and accountability, intrinsic motivation becomes the norm.  This is our intended profile of a “Brooklyn Charter School Graduate”.

Applying to The Brooklyn Charter School is simple – and is open to any and every child from all New York City boroughs or any other location, free of charge.
July 2024
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