The Arts

The Brooklyn Charter School focuses a great deal of energy and an abundance of resources on our Arts program. We support the creative and spiritual aspects of students by supporting a robust program in music and dance.  All students receive many opportunities to learn in each discipline. This helps spark the imagination … and develop the whole child: One who is connected to themselves and the world around them.  Click to watch video of various performing arts at BCS.


No other art form helps develop the brain like music does. Music helps student’s transition to higher levels of learning. Our Music program concentrates on teaching students to read, play and appreciate music.  Once students learn to read music, they have the opportunity to learn keyboarding, the recorder and xylophone.  Additionally, students work on vocals and percussion. Our students:

  • Are exposed to the basic elements of music, including rhythm, melody, harmony and form.
  • Learn to identify different types of musical forms such as classical, jazz, rhythm and blues, spirituals, gospel, rock and roll.
  • Understand the variety of musical settings, including orchestras, recitals, theatre, opera, ballet, movie soundtracks, marching bands, and jazz clubs.
  • Are expected to recognize major composers and their works, distinguish genres, identify musical instruments and their related families, and understand key musical elements and concepts.

Watch a video from some of our past performances.


Dance builds poise and structure. Our Dance class incorporates varied forms of dance primarily rooted in but not limited to the African tradition — Liturgical, Hip Hop, African, and/or Latin dances – building cultural awareness and body strength at the same time. Students also learn the fundamentals of balance, coordination, and rhythm.  Our Dance program also includes proper aerobic, stretching, and strengthening of the body as defined by NYS Physical Education standards.  During the Dance program, students:

  • Identify and demonstrate movement elements and skills (such as bend, twist, slide, skip, hop).
  • Demonstrate ways of moving in relation to people, objects, and environments in set dance forms.
  • Create and perform simple dances based on their own movement ideas.
Applying to The Brooklyn Charter School is simple – and is open to any and every child from all New York City boroughs or any other location, free of charge.
June 2024
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