Now that the summer break is here, many parents may be worried about educational regression. It is easy to imagine that months off of school may lead to your child losing some of the skills they have learned over the year. However, there are simple ways to help keep your children learning over the break—without making it seem like schoolwork. We even have Summer Learning Packets for each grade!

Summer Reading Programs

Having your children work through a summer reading list is a great way to keep their minds engaged. Though simple and hands-off, reading allows children to take time away from passive screens and fire up their imagination. The Association for Library Service to Children releases a yearly summer reading list that is catered toward children’s specific grade levels, and it can prove very useful for finding the perfect books for your child. To engage your child in a reading program, you may want to set a weekly or daily reading goal with tangible rewards.


Though this one requires either a GPS unit or a smartphone GPS app, the reward can be great. Geocaching involves finding the coordinates of hidden items, and it is a wonderful way to involve your child with real-world applications of math and science. Simply download the app, look at the local caches in Brooklyn, and have your child figure out the coordinates of the cache. Not only will you build family memories, but you may also find some hidden treasure!

Use Movies for More than Entertainment

Everyone knows that summer is when the big blockbusters come to the cinema, but there is an opportunity for learning even during a movie outing. Ask your children about the themes of the film, the specific reasons why they did or did not like the movie, the cinematography style, and anything else. Ask about the motives behind characters’ choices. This can get children thinking critically and analyzing technical aspects of the film beyond simple popcorn entertainment.

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February 2023
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