Extracurricular activities outside of academics are becoming increasingly important to children’s futures. Not only are such activities a good way to stand out from the crowd when applying to colleges and universities, but they can help stimulate a child’s brain and provide a thirst for learning. Here are a few activities that you may want to consider for your child.


There is a reason that playing the piano or learning the violin are images that pop into one’s head when thinking about extracurricular activities. Regardless of the instrument in question, learning to read and play music teaches children extremely valuable lessons. In addition to aiding in conceptions of math, learning to play an instrument (or to sing) requires constant discipline. Plus, if your child joins a band program or choral outfit, they will learn to value the entire ensemble more than their individual voice ― an important lesson in humility and teamwork.


Music is part of our emphasis on the arts at Brooklyn Charter School, and so is dance. These artistic forms require discipline and perseverance, and they also provide an avenue for learning about various cultures around the world. Whether your child prefers ballerina courses, classical dance, folk styles, or hip-hop, enrolling them in a dance program can give them an outlet for excess energy in a fun and enriching way. Of course, dance also requires athleticism and is a great way to combat our nation’s current child obesity epidemic. Another activity that helps in this regard is sports.


Some children may enjoy the limelight, and drama club or community theater can be the perfect fit for them. Performances often require study of the character’s culture and time period, providing an excellent excuse for getting your child excited about history. By performing in a play, or helping to write an original play, kids can learn about diction, teamwork, discipline, perseverance, and how to lift each other up when problems occur.

At Brooklyn Charter School, we seek to create thoughtful, diligent citizens who recognize the value of individuals within the community. Enrolling your child into extracurricular activities can help emphasize the lessons we teach at school and may stimulate them into finding education more engaging and enjoyable.

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May 2024
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