In a previous post, we offered some habits to encourage in your children over summer break. One of them was to get your child to keep reading even though they are no longer in school. Admittedly, the first thought of many kids after school has ended probably include activities like swimming, playing videogames, having fun with friends, and the like. However, there are ways to make reading more fun and to keep your children’s minds active.

Enroll in Summer Reading Programs

Look into summer reading programs in which your kids and their friends can all enroll. Not only does this encourage a friendly competition as to who can read the most books, but it can lead to discussions between the children about the topics covered in the books. Talking about themes, plots, dialogue, and other aspects of books can help your child retain the critical thinking we encourage at Brooklyn Charter School.

Tailor Books to Their Hobbies

If your child loves superhero movies, videogames like Minecraft, or even just watching YouTubers, there are books out there that cover those very topics. Check out the library branch nearest you and ask the librarian for books that fit the hobbies and interests of your children. When a child can engage with a literary work that reflects their own personality, they are more likely to enjoy reading on a regular basis.

Chart Their Progress

Create a sticker board, use an app, or find another creative way to keep track of your child’s reading progress over the summer. You can set a goal for number of books read, number of words read, or similar progress points. The idea is to create a kind of game for which your kids may be rewarded. One example is to have an ice cream sundae party, and the more books your child has read, the more toppings they are allowed to put on their sundae. Remember, though: rewards are better implemented based on effort in some cases, and even reading a low number of books can be worth a reward if your child struggles in that area.

We look forward to seeing you and your children after the summer break! For any questions, please contact our office here.

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April 2024
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