How to Help Your Kids Readjust to School After Winter Break

As we go into the new year and the next semester of school approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how to re-acclimate your children to their school routine. It can be difficult for some kids to return to the rigors of school after being on vacation, but we have compiled a list of ways that you, as parents, can help them adjust once again.

Emphasize Breakfast

We know that getting up early for school can be difficult when children have been able to sleep in for weeks. It is all too easy to neglect a hearty breakfast in the morning, but there are many reasons to avoid skipping the day’s first meal. Eating in the morning will give your child time to wake up and is good for establishing a healthy metabolism. Plus, having a full belly will provide them with the energy they need to truly focus and engage with teachers while at school. It may be tough to start getting up early enough for a full meal, but it can improve your child’s academic success greatly.

Get Organized at Night

When considering getting up early for breakfast, keep in mind that it does not have to be much earlier than usual. If you and your child can organize their bookbag and all of their school things, lay out clothes for the next morning, and otherwise prepare for the next school day on the night before, mornings will be more of a breeze. This helps to reduce stress at the beginning of the day, which can carry through the rest of the day and leave your child feeling a bit chaotic.

Sleeping is Key

The holidays are a time for cheer, a time for giving, and a time for having fun with friends and family. When kids are having so much fun and relaxation, it can be difficult for them to go to bed on time. However, putting your kids to bed at their usual bedtime can be important for getting back into the rhythm of school. Try to keep bedtimes around the same time as they are during the semester if you can, especially on the last few days before the semester starts up again.

If you have any questions about the new semester or your child’s schedule, contact the Brooklyn Charter School office here.

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