This is a joyous time of year. Not only do kids get to experience Winter Break, and not only is it a season of beautiful decorations and merriment, but children also get a break from school! While it is important to take a mini-vacation from time to time and to balance school with the rest of a child’s life, it is still possible to learn and grow while relaxing over the holidays. Here are a few areas in which you can keep your kids learning while they are on break.

Science and History

Science features in many of the world’s cultural celebrations around this time of year. A lot of holidays are observed in late December as a way to mark the winter solstice. This brings astronomy into the mix (what exactly is a solstice?) as well as anthropology and archaeology (how do we know ancient cultures celebrated the solstice?). Check out books from your local library related to these topics and have your child explain the answers to you. Or, maybe your child would like a more hands-on approach. Visit the Origami Tree at the American Museum of Natural History to make your own ornaments and learn about all kinds of scientific exploits.

The Arts

Our school philosophy revolves around giving students a full, well-rounded education. In addition to traditional topics like social studies, mathematics, and even the new emphasis on coding that has emerged in recent times, we also put an emphasis on the arts. Of course, the holidays are a great time to take your children to artistic performances. Why not get some tickets to the Brooklyn Nutcracker at Kings Theatre? Not only does it celebrate the arts, but it puts a spin on the traditional tale that honors the cultural diversity of our city.


Believe it or not, resting is actually a great way to help your child’s learning trajectory. We all need time to recuperate from stressful projects, and Winter Break can be a way for your child to revitalize themselves and prepare for the next semester. Make sure to allow space and time for them to have fun amid the holiday celebrations.


For any questions, contact our office. We hope you have a wonderful winter break and come back to us refreshed and ready to learn more!

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April 2024
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