One of the emerging themes in education is an emphasis on teaching young children how to code. Computer coding increasingly is seen as a vital skill for young people to cultivate, but sometimes parents wonder why such a relatively new field is deemed so important. Below are some of the main reasons that coding is all the rage in education circles right now.

Problem Solving

The heart of coding is solving problems. It involves, at its base level, developing a series of commands to give a computer in order to create a desired outcome. In this regard, it helps develop many skills related to problem solving. For example, children tend to become better at focusing their energies on a task, conceptualizing complex problems, organizing their thoughts, and crafting a plan of action. All of these are facets of the same critical thinking skills that are useful in everything from math to poetry.

Facing Failure

Computer coding is built around strict logic. This means that code rarely works correctly on the first try, as every little piece must work together perfectly, without contradiction, for the program to succeed. Inevitably, the process includes lengthy periods of “de-bugging,” or retracing one’s steps to correct any problems in the code. For students (especially those who excel in most other academic areas and are not used to failure), learning to code can be frustrating. Yet it is important to develop perseverance and persistence in the face of adversity, and such a mindset is exactly what coding helps produce.

Preparing for Life

Many questions exist about the future of the world, but one thing is certain: technology will continue to grow. Having a working understanding of how computer code works can be vital to functioning in a society built around electronic devices. By learning how to code, kids prepare themselves for a future of technological literacy and may even open up future employment possibilities in the always-innovating tech industry.


At Brooklyn Charter School, we provide our students with daily coding courses to help strengthen their academic skills and their abilities as a young citizen. If you have questions about our coding program, or inquiries into other areas of our school culture, contact our office here.

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September 2023
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