In the past few years, there has been a strong debate in the public sphere over the efficacy and importance of charter schools and other education options that differ from public schooling. This is understandable, as every parent wants to ensure that their children are schooled in the best possible way. Below are some of the key ways in which a charter school like Brooklyn Charter School may be the right choice for your child.

Promoting Diversity

In order to become a good citizen of our virtually global society, students must learn about other cultures and be connected with people from all walks of life. Far from the common misconception that charter schools tend toward segregating kids away from children who are unlike them, most charter schools actively promote diversity. For example, our school culture cribs from various cultures around the world, including a daily harambe gathering based on Kenyan traditions. We seek to build a community that celebrates our differences and learns from each other.

Smaller Classes

Public schools have to provide educational services to all local children of similar age. Unfortunately, this often means that class sizes skyrocket, with teachers in some districts handling classes of 30-40 kids. At a charter school, students have the opportunity to engage directly with teachers in much smaller classes, resulting in more one-on-one time and fewer distractions from learning.

Freedom and Accountability

Though it may sound contradictory, charter schools enjoy extra freedoms in curricular restrictions while also having a higher degree of accountability than other public schools. That is, our position is always tenuous and must be justified with rigorous adherence to specific goals. If a charter school fails to meet the standard set by its goals, it may lose its charter. So while charter schools often have a wider array of teaching techniques and classroom systems, all these facets must be justified via student performance. Brooklyn Charter School has a history of academic excellence that can be seen on our Results Page.


These are by no means the only benefits of a charter school. For more information on how attending a charter school may be the right move for your child, or to apply for a spot at Brooklyn Charter School, contact our office here.

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July 2024
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