Parent-Teacher Conferences
Parent-Teacher conferences will take place on Thursday June 4th via Google Meet or telephone.  Please look forward to a call from your child’s teacher to schedule it.  In the interim, please think of three possible times you may be available, in case your desired time is taken when you are called.  If June 4th is not a convenient date for you, please let your child’s teacher know when they call and they will schedule a day/time that is convenient for you.
On the day of parent-teacher conferences, videos will still be posted, however, live Google Meet help sessions will only take place in the morning.  Conferences will begin at 1:00 and will be scheduled in 15 minute increments.  The last appointment will be at 7:45 p.m.  Again, if you are unable to schedule a conference for this day, please let your child’s teacher know which day/time works best for you.
Report Cards
You will receive your child’s third quarter report card, via email, prior to the conferences.
I-Ready Diagnostics
I-Ready Diagnostics will take place in the beginning of June, please look forward to a separate email regarding the logistics of how it will be administered.
Electronic Devices
If you requested an electronic device, they have been ordered, we are still awaiting the delivery, which is taking longer due to high demand.
SNAP/COVID-19 Benefits
Please see the link below regarding SNAP COVID-19 benefits.  Your child may be eligible.
Gentle Reminders
– Please be in touch with your child’s teacher if any issues arise regarding their classwork.
– Please ensure your child is completing their assignments daily and submitting their work.
– Google Meet Live sessions are held twice daily, Monday through Friday. Please ensure your child checks in for their attendance, and if they need assistance with their work.
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