At Brooklyn Charter School, our principle approach to education is to combine traditional learning methods with artistic pursuits for an education that influences the whole of a child’s personality and talents. This is in keeping with modern developments in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education methods that seek to add art into the curriculum. This approach, called STEM, is one direction that many teachers are starting to pursue, but there are also other ideas about the future of STEM education.

  • KOOV: One idea for the future of STEM education has been developed by Sony. Called the KOOV Educator Kit, this innovative tool allows children to make custom robots using LEGO-like building blocks and make those robots move around by writing computer code. A combination of fun and education, KOOV represents a growing emphasis on making learning interactive and enjoyable.
  • EVERFI: Another development in STEM education is the rise of companies like EVERFI who create educational apps. Using these tools, educators can design lessons around modern curriculum that are more accessible to students. Focusing on career readiness, the STEM programs through companies like EVERFI tie classroom lessons to real-world situations.
  • UL Xplorlabs: Organizations like UL Xplorlabs offer a unique method of engaging students in STEM education. They represent a push toward ready-made learning modules that combine hands-on experimentation, traditional lesson plans, interactive videos, and other technological integrations. The idea is to have specific topics for which a UL Xplorlabs teaching module will provide a lesson structure designed to spark students’ interest.

As you can see, the general trend in STEM or STEAM education is to provide teachers and students with more flexibility through the use of various aspects of technology. Whether a school decides to provide students with apps, to use specific learning modules, or to fill the classroom with toy-like learning tools, it is undeniable that schools have already started to move into more heavily STEM-centered education techniques.

For more information on how Brooklyn Charter School approaches learning, visit our Academics page.

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February 2023
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